Saturday, September 20, 2008

And the culprit is: CLUTTER!

well, i was cleaning today... the basement, that is. my mother wants to spray for spiders and things before they all unload here for the winter. anyway, i was cleaning today and just kind of stopped and looked around. with such a huge mix of people living in one home, there are SO many things just lying around. people take their socks off while getting ready to watch a movie, someone gets the mail and brings theirs down here on the bar and leaves it. another person leaves their gaming system out on the floor in front of the tv, where little feet love to run, and then complain to the little footed person for running where he runs. and of course EVERYONE leaves their clothes in the bathroom after taking a shower. someone always forgets to take the basement bathroom trash when taking out the household trash and so it gets forgotten and neglected and it starts to smell. the shower looks yucky too, because everyone fails to remember to spray the entire thing with the bleach/water bottle supplied, after every shower.

anyway, what i'm getting at i guess is i'm tired of living in a home with lots of people when i can't be the main boss. i'm not in anyway ungrateful being here, i'm sooo thankful. but it does get very tiring after a while. it's one thing when it's YOUR kids doing it... not any less frustrating by any means, but it's YOUR rules that apply. i do admit though, my little person's toys are dashed around everywhere, especially when his little friends come by. it seems they have this thing going that who ever can make the most mess faster than the other ones, wins. what the prize is, i know not, but it better be worth it. i use to be an official 'official' part of this family, and there was a system, not a very efficient one, but that's because we were dumb kids. now that we're all grown it will totally work!! everyone to their own stuff!! that's how it should work. i hate clutter, i hate messes, i hate not being able to think and function until i'm either out of the infected room, or it's clean. LOL God help me...


Sharon said...

YES, God help everyone to do and keep!! I agree with you Darli'!