Sunday, September 21, 2008


i would just like everyone to know... louis and i are FINALLY smoke free! we've been smoking on and off for about 4-5 years and we have, after SO many failed attempts to quit, finally done so with success.

we first started noticing a difference in our thinking and cravings about a month ago. the believer's voice of victory was having a national convention and a bunch of evangelists were preaching. jesse duplantis, creflo dollar and a bunch more. well, we heard keith moore preaching, as we were watching on the internet, talking about NOT saying the word CAN'T anymore. and of course we've always heard this, and it is basically a principal law, not just spiritual one. and actually, the story he was telling was one of his own experiences with this guy who had been smoking for 14 years and wanted to quit, but 'couldn't'. we all know how hard it is to stop smoking even if we've only smoked for a couple of years but 14! yeah, a major mountain.

well, keith moore was telling this guy, every time you pick up a cigarette, everytime you take a puff, every time you go to buy them or put one out... i want you to say 'thank you lord, i am FREE from cigarettes.' everytime. so this guy did just that. EVERYTIME. and within a week and a half, he was FREE FROM CIGARETTES. God had loosed the bonds of the addiction that had held him captive for 14 years and he was FINALLY FREE!!

so louis and i felt inspired. if this guy who had been smoking for almost as long has half our lives, we were going to succeed too. well, it didn't take JUST a week and a half for us. but then again, there were TWO of us to get that way. and the way louis and i worked with it, was if he wanted to quit, i didn't... and if i wanted to, he wouldn't. so it was kind of difficult. so it ended up taking about a month for us both to quit, clean and clear. but WE DID! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY WE ARE FREE FROM CIGARETTES!!

oh and for the finishing touch to this amazing blog post, keith moore said to say that to EVERY mountain that is in your way. EVERY burden that is haunting you and bringing you down. 'thank your Lord, i'm FREE from poverty!' 'thank you Lord i'm FREE from being overweight!' 'thank you Lord I'm FREE from worry!' 'thank you Lord i'm FREE from harm!' what ever you want to speak it over!! SPEAK IT! HE WANTS US TO! ALL THE TIME! JUST DO IT AND YOU WILL SEE IT'S AMAZING EFFECTS! i have and now 'i'm a believer!' lol GOD BLESS YOU!!


Sarah Bella's said...

I am soooo thankful that ya'll are free! Now that you have announced it to every-one you have to stay that way. LOL I love you!

The Blankenship Place said...

no i know... i mean there aren't even any cravings at all! it's totally God. I LOVE YOU TOO!

Sharon said...

Thank God for HELPING you both!

pinkkandy said...

Very proud of you both..when I quit it was the hardest thing I ever did...thank God that he hooked you up with the right answer..I was motivated by your excitement...maybe this old dog can learn a few new tricks!!!We do so need to speak to all this junk!!!!

pinkkandy said...

go look at what I did to Sarahs ya

Magnolia Memories08 said...

oh gosh I am so proud of you both. I have the desire to quit but I use mine cigs as a crutch for everything else. Thank you for sharing this with me I know we serve a wonderful God and through him all things are possible. It is such a temptation for me. I just can't get passed the first couple of days.
You have such a beautiful blog and family.
Happy Pink Saturday.

Tonka said...

This is good! I have done it too with things and it does work! Where are you now? My family said you moved? Hope God is blessing you!